about ‘confessions of a weirdness magnet’

this blog is a literary experiment, meant as a kind of appendix to Naked Lunch, though i’ll never be more than an ant in that man’s shadow. it may be hard to see the art in what i’m doing, unless you’ve read a book written entirely while smacked out on heroin, which was banned for obscenity and then redeemed as one of the best parts of 20thc lit. it’s a brutal, intense dissection of american culture as a culture of addiction, yet the prose is beautiful. i’m writing in the same manner, and also in the manner of the japanese zen style of ‘essays in idleness‘, which is said to have been written on pages that were then randomly assembled, yet it has a profound story. also, burroughs is about addiction, i’m writing about freedom from addiction, which is the appendix, really, because our culture is never going to give up cheap energy junk until its gone. instead of burrough’s mugwomps (hideous aliens that secret poppymilk from udders on their heads) i’m talking about Coincidence Control Central, aka the good aliens, made famous by the utter kook Dr. John Lilly, who spent his life doing ketamine in sensory deprivation tanks (i think he helped invent them) and then trying to teach dolphins synthetic languages. so yeah, this is going to be explicit, sexual, involve many illegal activities, including drugs, and hopefully have some artistic merit.

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2 thoughts on “about ‘confessions of a weirdness magnet’

  1. I’m currently on methadone maintenance. In my research between why 1/2 of the methadone molecule is an NMDA receptor antagonist, why this makes methadone a better quitting addiction/maintenance drug and how other NMDA receptor antagonist’s such as Ketamine, DXM, Ibogaine and others of the same category may play a small role in resetting the physical, mental and spiritual need for chemicals, I came across this page: http://www.bluelight.org/vb/threads/649590-Using-Ketamine-for-Opiate-Cessation/page2 where the author of this blog and another user are discussing DXM at length. The author of this blog compares DXM to the Water of life (http://dune.wikia.com/wiki/Water_of_Life) which is a concept in a fandom based of a series of books, (and movies.?) that I have only just now discovered. It is my hope that my interest in this Dune stuff as well as this blog will have a profound effect on my drug use from now on. (I really hope..)


  2. Ok well after reading a few entries and the front page it is obvious you’re the one that made a comment about dolphins controling humans on some forum… Took me time to find ya. You problably were tripping on dxm but let me warn you, you werent far from the Truth. I would be glad to hear anything you have to say, even trip reports, regarding dolphins. Aliens are real, dolphins are aliens and they want the same as all: global harmony. They seek people out especially sensitive ones (psychics) and talk to them through dreams, telepathy and synchronicities, it’s their call. Call me crazy but it took me a while to process this knowledge so you know it is not something i simple blindly accepted, it is part of a universal Truth that concern us all. It is a pity you doubt your experiences under dxm or even your sanity. “I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity” E. Allan Poe. Insanity is the beginning of healing and transcendence.


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