confessions of a weirdness magnet, part 1

begin the begin

i have special weakness for a certain completely legal, over-the-counter recreational psychedelic. most people, of the very small percent of people who find this experience enjoyable, take enough to almost knock themselves out, hallucinate, talk to gods, etc. in the (brilliant) FAQ there’s a section on NDE, out of body experiences and random psychic phenomena. seriously? the part in the faq is why i tried it – is that some special memetic trap designed just for me? i can just have it? yeah. did that – was batshit insane for several years, in which i was convinced that ultraterrestials where using my brain to collapse probability fields selectively in order to push human evolution toward transcendence. as a side effect, i learned to do the same – only on some things. not impossible, just magic weird shit like the salish sea feet and such stuff. now, i take far less, but daily. i take just enough to make me verge. or be more me. or something. 3x the ‘recommended dose’ once a day, which really, isn’t dangerous – its’ *OTC*. oh, by the way, it makes me utterly immune to any kind of addiction – even opiates. i was a *junkie* at one point in the past, now i can take pain meds as recommended to avoid pain, if needed – i don’t binge. i don’t spend my life ‘fighting the never ending addiction’ AA/NA crap, but yeah, side effects….the other night, i drove my dad to his favorite hospital, 60mi away, through two towns, and never stopped for a redlight. i see them in the distance, find which light has to change first the sequence that leads to green, snap my fingers, and it turns, if it isn’t already green. green lights are not allowed to turn yellow unless i’m actually in the intersection, when its fun. but that’s batshit insane, and i know that. i can’t mentally control traffic signals, or anything else. this morning, while watching ‘digging up the marrow’ the movie froze at the penultimate moment, as the monster is standing next to the filmmaker’s bed, holding the camera, just before the end….and the power blinked…..and when i went to see why me *and and father* were troubled by the sound of a malfuctioning smoke/CO alarm, beeping (actually, and this is not hyperbole, making a whirring, chirping sound EXACTLY LIKE A SHOGGOTH WOULD), but we simply could not find it (it beeps once a minute), then it stopped. that shit is NOT OKAY. hello, to the masters of coincidence control central, please FUCK OFF. i was about to jump out of my skin. but that’s because i’m focused on this kind of thing, which actually happens all the time, but i don’t remember it, like everybody else, right?

and for all y’all bitches up in cislunar station laughin’ your grey fuckin’ asses off – i tell y’all this, there’s gonna be a day of reckoning when humanity arrives at the transcendent scene. we gone be kickin’ ass and takin’ names about this ET shit. you do NOT vanish a plane full of people without a trace in the mf 21st century and walk away with it.


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